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Emergency Assistance

Guatemala is a land of contrasts – stunning vistas of cloud forests, volcanoes, mountains and archaeological wonders and heartbreaking stories of poverty, sickness and deprivation. Volunteers in Guatemala and Canada are often confronted with situations where lives can be saved or health emergencies resolved. When possible, within our mandate and financial constraints, we step up to provide assistance or make connections that can help. Over the years we have made a difference by providing medical and environmental emergency funds.

Environmental Emergency Assistance

When disaster strikes a poor country such as Guatemala, the most vulnerable populations are the hardest hit. Hurricanes and the heavy rains and mudslides they bring have caused food shortages in areas serviced by our partner organizations.

Emergency Medical Assistance

Sometimes it’s impossible to walk away… From time to time GSP volunteers documenting program work in Guatemala are faced with situations requiring an urgent response such as Julia and Esperanza’s situation.
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