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Welcome to Guatemala Stove Project

Mission Statement 

To assist in the relief of poverty, and improve the health and well being of the indigenous and other disadvantaged peoples of Guatemala, and of similar peoples in other areas. 

Charitable Status 

The GSP is a volunteer-driven registered Canadian charity under #871977617RR0001 and can issue tax receipts to Canadians for donations over $20.00 

News and Events

Big Numbers of which we can be proud!

When one donates a stove to the Guatemala Stove Project, the recipient family cuts their CO2 production in half. On average, this amounts to a reduction of 2 – 3 tons of CO2 a year, or 20 to 30 tons over ten years (the lifespan of a stove). The GSP has built 7,605 stoves over the last 23 years. These stoves are now reducing CO2 production by 19,012.5 tons every year or 190,125 tons over ten years. That is One Hundred and Ninety Thousand, One Hundred and Twenty Five tons less CO2 in our planet’s atmosphere. It also means 7,605 families (about 45,630 people) living better lives, 380,250 tons of trees not burnt but still on the mountains holding soil and producing oxygen.

Please consider improving lives, and offsetting more CO2 than the average Canadian produces in a year (19 tons).

Let’s get this number up to a million tons of CO2 offset for the sake of future generations and for all life on this planet!

We continue to build as many stoves as possible – Photo below – the delivery of materials for 50 cookstoves with our partner organization CEDEC.

May 14 – Our Mother of a Picnic was well attended and the food was excellent – thanks to all who attended and helped out!

GSP builds 4 more school cookstoves! Many Thanks to Trinity Jubilee Foundation for their donation of $4,000 to build 4 cookstoves for primary schools and funds for a school lunch nutrition program. GSP volunteers presented to the congregation on Sunday, April 24, 2022

Many Thanks to Trinity Jubilee Foundation for their donation of $4,000 to build 4 cookstoves for primary schools and funds for a school lunch nutrition program. GSP volunteers presented to the congregation on Sunday, April 24, 2022

GSP volunteers have responded to a request for funds to help a young family whose baby will need a series of cleft palate operations. Clara Colop of the AMI organization has arranged for formula, vitamins and special bottles for baby Jeanette. If you would like to contribute to this fund which will also help pay transportation costs to medical appointments, please consider an e-transfer donation: Indicate Jeanette Donation in the notes. 

GSP Facebook page

Visit the GSP Facebook Page – Guatemala Stove Project – Canada for regular posts  by volunteers.

Find out about Josefina Lux Lux, an 11 year old who was slowly dying of malnutrition in February 2022.  GSP funds for nutritious food and the help of Clara Colop of the AMI organization have slowly brought her strength and health back.

 Three billion people continue to cook over an open fire or rudimentary stove and the resultant air pollution is a leading cause of death and disability. A GSP masonry cookstove will provide a wide range of health, economic and social benefits for a Maya family. Visit guatestoveproject on YouTube for a closer look.

Attending high school may be the dream of a young Maya girl and her family but is seldom the reality. A GSP educational bursary offers this opportunity and will give her more choices about her future.

When traditional financing is not available, a GSP micro-loan is a valuable method to finance small projects and earn much needed income.

Emergency assistance allows for immediate financing to our Guatemalan partners in times of crisis such as earthquakes, mudslides, and serious health concerns. These events greatly impact Maya families with few economic resources

GSP funds the construction of cookstoves for Maya families in Guatemala. By donating a stove, you can work towards balancing your carbon footprint as well as saving forests and providing a healthier home for families who would otherwise be using an open fire.

The cookstove saves 2 to 3 tons of carbon emissions annually so that over the average 10 year stove lifespan, 20 to 30 tons of carbon emissions are avoided. If you donate one stove a year

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at a cost of $300 and consume less, you can begin to approach being carbon neutral. 

Volunteers at Work in Canada – From beer can and bottle collecting at folk festivals to woven bracelet sales in schools, our Canadian volunteers have shown creativity and perseverance in their efforts to fundraise for stoves and other projects. Yearly dances, cocktail parties, sit-down dinners, garage sales and presentations to schools and churches have provided us with opportunities to connect with Canadian donors and offer a hand-up to deserving Guatemalan families.   

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