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It costs $350 to fund a complete family masonry cookstove and $600 to fund a complete school masonry cookstove.

Donate by e-transfer

E-transfer is the most cost-effective way for us to receive donations. Log in to your online banking, navigate to the section for Interac e-Transfer and simply follow their instructions to add a recipient and send funds.

  • In the recipient box use the name “Guatemala Stove Project”
  • In the e-mail box use: info@guatemalastoveproject.org
  • In the note box – please include your full name, mailing address with postal code needed for receipting purposes. Specify which program your donation is for: Stoves, Microloans, or Eductional Bursaries for Girls

Donate by cheque payable to:

Guatemala Stove Project

PO Box 20057

Perth, Ontario,Canada

K7H 3M6

Please include the following information for a tax receipt: 

      • Donor name 
      • Full mailing address including postal code
      • Telephone number and email address (whenever possible  tax receipts are sent by email to reduce mailing expenses)
      • Specify which program your donation is for: Stoves, Microloans, or Eductional Bursaries for Girls

Your mailing address is required in order for you to receive a charitable tax receipt. When entering your donation amount please check the box to share your mailing address with us. The Guatemala Stove Project does NOT share donor information.

Donate a Car Canada

When you donate your RV, boat, motorcycle or other vehicles to Guatemala Stove Project through Donate a Car Canada. It will either be recycled or sold at auction depending on its condition, age and location. After your vehicle donation is complete, Guatemala Stove Project will send you a tax receipt within 45 days.

GSP COVID-19 Emergency Response Campaign -2020

The GSP has been in constant communication with our NGO partners in western Guatemala. Their reports are alarming, COVID-19 infection rates are rising and predicted to continue to rise in the coming months. Large intergenerational Maya families live in small, crowded homes, physical distancing is not possible. Restrictions on economic activities mean the piece work that helps these subsistence farming families survive no longer exists. Drought conditions in some regions and a faltering corn crop are pushing those already on the margins over the edge. Even greater hardship and starvation are the looming reality.

The GSP Board of Directors  decided in April 2020 to redirect funds throughout the summer and send as much emergency aid as possible to our partners in Guatemala. Rather than building stoves, this money  was used to buy food for families. As of September 2020 we are once again directing our funds towards our core programs – Stoves, Bursaries and Microloans. 

Emergncy Food Distribution
Emergency Food Distribution
Emergency Food Distributionr
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Donate a Stove

It costs CAD $350.00 to build a stove for a Maya family. Donate as one family to another, fund a stove as a class or community project, or send as an alternative to gift giving. Individuals, families, and groups who donate funds for an entire stove will receive information and a photo about the family.  You can add years of life to a family. Make a donation today and help change the future.

Guatemala Stove Project is a registered Canadian charitable organization with Canada Revenue Agency (registration # 871977617 RR0001). All donations of $20 or more are eligible for a tax receipt. 

Why donate?

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that there are only about 11 years left for us to drastically reduce our carbon production before it will be too late to save the planet from becoming uninhabitable. As GretaThunberg has so clearly made us aware, our house is on fire. When your house is on fire, it is time to do whatever you can to put it out. 

 Everyone on this planet needs to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. A start would be for us to take a good look at the carbon dioxide we produce and start doing whatever we can to lessen the damage, consume less and attempt to repair the harm. The average Canadian produces 18 to 20 tons of carbon annually, which is higher than many other countries.  

 The cookstove saves 2 to 3 tons of carbon emissions annually so that over the average 10 year stove lifespan, 20 to 30 tons of carbon emissions are avoided. If you donate one stove a year at a cost of $350 and consume less, you can begin to approach being carbon neutral. 

 If you must fly, you can offset the carbon you create. For example a round trip from Ottawa to Vancouver, London England or Mexico City produces a warming effect equivalent to around 1.2 tons of carbon dioxide per person. A longer trip such a flying round trip from Ottawa to Hong Kong produces 4.2 tons.  

  GSP funds the construction of cookstoves for Maya families in Guatemala. By donating a stove, you can work towards balancing your carbon footprint as well as saving forests and providing a healthier home for families who would otherwise be using an open fire. 

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