Perth Volunteer Minutes September 11, 2019

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Coutts Coffee Shop, Perth

Present: Marcia and Irwin, Elaine Scott, Erika Johner, Norah Hall, Sue Maynard, Paul Hauraney, Al Teflissi, Rita Redner, Bob Klatt, Liz Ballantyne-Jackson, Janet Allan, Terri Henderson, Tom Clarke, John Brackenbury, Phill Brackenbury

  1. Welcome and introduction of new members: Elaine Scot, John Brackenbury

Chair: Rita Redner

Secretary: Phill Brackenbury

  1. Review agenda:

Action items (in red) to be carried out:

Bill and Jeannette Avery to enquire about presenting at Sharbot Lake Church (Tom to send email to Bill and Jeanette to remind them of this)

Terri Henderson to enquire about same at St. Paul’s UC

Paul Hauraney to enquire same at St. James

Bob Klatt to enquire same at Bethel UC

Minutes of June 3/19 approved by Paul and seconded by Sue

  1. Ottawa Report

Two upcoming presentations by GSP to Community Youth Worker classes at Algonquin College as the first step in a 3 year joint project

Algonquin students will assess our project’s needs and will help with social media and develop a fundraising event

Liz would like to use volunteer photos/ stories to help update our webpage and tell our project’s story.

Volunteers are asked to choose a favourite story/ picture and send to Liz so they can be made available to Algonquin students who will be updating our website/social media – looking for all aspects of the project: disaster relief, medical aid, social issues, bursaries, microloans, stoves and carbon reduction. Please send this to Liz by Wed., September 25

Janet highlighted a book (Drawdown ed. Paul Hawken ) that outlines some key efforts the world can do to reduce carbon- stove building and educating girls are on this list.   

  1. Upcoming Events:

Ottawa Fundraiser  Fri., Nov. 8  7-11 pm Riverside Churches, Ottawa (similar to past November fundraisers)

Fisher Park Craft Sale Dec. 7 9am – 3 pm

Perth Dance Fri., Nov. 15 7pm

– Paul to confirm band “Lucky B’s”

– planning meeting Sunday, Sept. 22 12:30 at Norah’s house (28 Cockburn St.)

Possible spring concert with Mia Kelly– Tom to contact her to see if she’s available in the spring.

  1. Discussion about potential for new chef for 2020 Mother of A Dinner. Regan Lee said he could but has not responded to requests for further discussion

Terri to ask Juliana Graf (ex Fieldhouse)

Phill to discuss this possibility with Judy Dempsey, Jordan Kenney

  1. Discussion of 2020 Exposure Trip – interest expressed by approximately 12 people to date
  2.  Request from Tom for name of donor of 10 stoves from last MOD so a special thank you can be sent.
  3. Next Meeting October 28, 6:30 pm Coutts Coffee Perth

Rita motioned to adjourn the meeting, Sue seconded – meeting adjourned

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