Perth Volunteer Minutes September 17, 2018

GSP Perth Volunteer Meeting
September 17, 2018

  • Introduce new members: Jeanette and Bill Avery, who have applied for the February 2019 trip
  • Present: Bill Avery, Jeanette Avery, Al Teflissi, Tom Clarke, Rita Redner, Nora Hall, Terri Henderson
  • Chair, Tom; Secretary, Terri
  • Minutes from last meeting in May action items:

Tammy was going to speak to her brother about the run at the Stewart Park Festival, this item will be postponed to the next meeting. All the rest of the items were completed.

Minutes were approved, moved by Rita, seconded by Tom.

  • Past events:
  • Stewart Park Festival—We talked to a lot of people at the booth, sold a lot of bracelets, received donations. It seems like a good venue for us to participate in.
  • Blue Skies bottle collection—We made around $1200, slightly up from last year. Marvin spoke at Blue Skies.
  • Stove testing in Oregon—Ken, Janet and Ishim worked with Approvecho to build a stove for testing. They tested a couple different modifications. We are waiting for the report and Janet and Ken will talk about their experience when they return.
  • We received a cheque from Empty Bowls for $1000 for food-related projects.
  • Upcoming events:
  • Presentation at Bethel United Church, Sunday October 14. Al would like someone to join him who’s been in Guatemala more recently, Paul offered, and Tom may be able to come.
  • We want to do a presentation at St James on October 28. Paul will confirm this date.
  • We want to do a presentation at St Paul’s on November 4. Tammy was going to schedule this; Terri will double-check with St Paul’s.
  • Jose says that he will be here for those two dates and we would like to have him speak.
  • The annual dance is on Saturday, November 17. The Civitan Hall and band are already booked. Joni is sending out a request letter to the craftspeople on the Studio Tour but needs help to collect the items. Paul offered to help her. We need to set up a dance committee—Rita, Nora, Paul, Terri, Joni, others are welcome. Paul will contact Matt Dickson about the band (The Lucky B’s) and order the tickets. Rita will email the template for the tasks to everyone on the committee. Rita will also contact Judy about the poster once she has the band details from Paul.
  • The Ottawa fundraiser is on Saturday, November 24, details to follow.
  • Next volunteer trip. We will meet in Antigua on Saturday, February 2. We will travel to Xela as a group on February 3.
  • Current political climate in Guatemala—Tom’s report. All the government revenue is currently going to the army. Medical needs, infrastructure and education are not being funded. The president has expelled the UN International Committee Against Impunity. Narco trafficking is rampant. There are many demonstrations taking place and the situation is very turbulent right now. This could affect our travel plans and we will be monitoring travel advisories.
  • Photos of Tom’s trip to Guatemala can be viewed on his Facebook page.
  • Next Ottawa volunteer meeting Monday, September 24 at 6:00 at La Cabana.

Dance committee meeting Monday, September 24 at 4:30 at Coutts.

Next Perth volunteer meeting Monday, October 15 at 6:30 at Coutts.


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