Perth Volunteer Minutes October 28, 2019

Those in attendance: Phill Brackenbury-Chair, Paul Hauraney-Secretary, Terri Henderson, Tom Clarke, Holly Blair, Bob Klatt, Bill Avery, Jeanette Avery, Elaine Scott, Malcolm McNaughton, Norah Hall, Janet Allan, Al Teflissi, Rob Bowyer
Regrets: Rita Redner, Tammy Morrisson
Meeting called to order at 06:34pm.
Action items- person responsible name in red.

General welcome to all in attendance.

Last meeting minutes from September 11th reviewed for action items.
Terri organized a presentation at St Pauls United for Nov 3.
Bob is to double check at Bethel Church for a presentation date, suggested Jan 12.
Paul to check back with St James for a fall presentation, so far St James has not committed to a date.
Bill has not been able to get a date for a presentation at Sharbot Lake.
Jeanette is going to check with Balderson United for a presentation.
Janet spoke about Algonquin College Child and Youth Care Program who have adopted our project to work with for the next three years. Liz and Janet presented to an enthusiastic group of forty students who have held two fundraisers to date.

Norah moved to accept minutes as presented, seconded by Jeanette.

Upcoming Events:
Nov 3- Terri to present at St Pauls United in Perth, 2.5 minutes to speak during the service then our table will be set up downstairs in the main hall after the service. Three other groups will be presenting.
Terri will use a shortened slide show during the service and full-length version after the service downstairs.
Tom and Bill will help, Terri will check if Tammy can also help.

Friday Nov 8 from 07:00-11:00pm – Janet spoke about the Ottawa group’s main fundraiser to be held at Riverside Churches, 3191 Riverside Drive, Ottawa.
The event will feature live music by Los Paisanos, Appetizers and drinks, and a silent auction.
Tickets are $50.00 each with a $25.00 tax receipt being given to people purchasing tickets.

Friday Nov 15 from 07:00- approx 11:00pm Perth Fall Fundraiser to be held at Perth Civitan. This event will feature music by Open Road, a silent auction, chip and salsa munchies and a light lunch served later evening. Tickets are $20.00 each
Phill advised there was an add in the Humm and also on their social media site.
Volunteers are asked to share the post Tammy has made.
Paul has arranged for the light lunch with Metro, Barnabes, Foodsmiths, Mex and Co, and Sunflower Bakery.
Phill will do a cheese platter
Holly will prepare some additional sandwiches
Rob will supply some pickles
Al will supply coffee
Terri will check to see if Marcia and Irwin are available to help with silent auction.
Terri distributed tickets to be sold by volunteers.
Paul distributed posters to be posted by volunteers in appropriate public places.

Past Events:
None to report

Other Items:
Stove Building Workshop proposed for Jan 5 at Toms workshop.
Terri advised she should have the new stove design ready on hard copy at this time.

Janet spoke about Algonquin College Media Design program who have signed a contract with the GSP to revitalize our website. They will be looking for writers to write about pictures posted on the new website.

2020 Guatemala excursion to take place Feb1-15.
Phill asked the group who might be seriously considering travelling with the group in 2020.
It is looking like there will be a good number of people for the 2020 excursion.
Tom opened to field questions concerning the any aspects of the trip.

Next Perth Meeting: Monday December 9 at 6:30 pm, Coutts Coffee
Meeting adjourned at 07:38, moved by Phill, seconded by Terri.
Thanks to all in attendance.


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