Perth Volunteer Minutes November 26, 2018

Attendance: Sue Maynard, Norah Hall, Tammy Morrisson,  Terri Henderson, Al Teflissi, Rita Redner (chair), Phill Brackenbury, Jeanette Avery, Bill Avery, Paul Hauraney (secretary)

Regrets: Joni Seligman

Janet Allan joined us via facetime.

Meeting called to order at 06:30pm

Phill had another meeting to attend so we ran this meeting a little out of order discussing some upcoming events which required Phills’ input:

Action items: name is in red.

Excursion to Guatemala Feb2-16, 2019.

Phill advised the BOD has decided the trip will proceed and people should begin purchasing airline tickets.

Our Guatemala partners Clara, Ishim and Jose have advised the political situation has settled down.

Our partners feel that since it is an election year in Guatemala the politicians will want to keep things peaceful in the country.

Phill asks that if volunteers are purchasing tickets please share travel dates and flight numbers with all volunteers by email as some may wish to travel together.

It’s presently looking like there will be 13-16 volunteers on the trip

Toms’ shop will not be available for the usual workshop but it is thought a pre-trip meeting will be held Sunday, Jan 13 tentatively at 10:00am, location yet to be determined.

During this meeting volunteers will be expected to pay travel expenses for shuttles of group while in Guatemala.

Tom advises he will be back between the dates of Jan 10-15

Janet will forward new stove autocad drawings to Terri, the new stove drawings should be useful at pre-trip meeting.

Mother of a dinner discussion:

Event is planned for Saturday, May 4, 2019 to be held at St James Anglican Church, Perth

Our chef Jordan Kennie is thinking she would like to prepare Latin/American cuisine for this event.

We are planning to have about twenty rectangular tables, a silent auction and a bar (liquor license).

Phill had to leave at this time to attend a second meeting.

Minutes from last meeting reviewed and all action items completed.

Rita moved that minutes be accepted as read, seconded byTerri.

Upcoming Events Continued:

Fisher Park Christmas Craft Show Saturday, Dec 1, 09:00am-03:00pm  in Ottawa

Janet and Liz are planning this event and have four volunteers lined up to help.

Calendar Sales:

Rita mentioned calendars are not selling that well in Perth area while Janet advised the Ottawa group have raised about $840.00 in calendar sales so far.

Paul will drop 5 calendars at Riverguild for Jeanette and Bill Avery.

Sue will have 2 calendars at her work for Norah.

Past Events:

St Pauls’ Presentation Nov 4, raised about $200.00 and was held after the church service with 20-30 people present.  Terri, Tammy, Phill and Rita presented for GSP.

Perth Fall Fundraiser Nov 17, raised $5,150.00 which is very close to the same amount raised last year.

The Perth Civitan hall is booked for next year Friday, Nov 15 as is the same band, The Lucky Bs.

We had many very positive comments on the band this year.

Bytown Rotary presentation Nov 20 by Ottawa Group was a breakfast meeting, the results of which attracted two new volunteers to our Feb Guatemala excursion.

Janet presented, and my apologies I don’t know who else was presenting, possibly Ken and Liz.

The Ottawa Fundraiser Nov 24, total amount raised yet to be determined.

Silent auction raised $1,917.00

Donation Challenge raised $7,000.00 donated to stoves, micro loans and education bursaries.

Janet felt attendance was down a little possibly due to foul weather and change of venue location.

Phill and Tammy attended and spoke highly of the music and the whole event in general.

St James Presentation Nov 25, raised $1,130.00 and was held downstairs in the hall. Three other groups were also presenting, each group had five minutes to present to about 30 people. We had our display set up with scarves, calendars etc. and stove video projected on the wall. Phill, Tammy and Paul presented.

Next Meetings:

Pre-Trip Meeting Sunday, Jan 13 Tentatively 10:00am Location yet to be determined. Pot Luck

Regular GSP Meeting Monday, Feb 18 at 06:30pm Coutts Coffee shop

Meeting adjourned 07:17pm moved by Rita, seconded by Sue.

Thanks to all attending!

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