Perth Volunteer Minutes May 14, 2018

Perth Volunteer Meeting May 14, 2018

 In Attendance:
Tom Clarke, Rita Redner, Terri Henderson, Al Teflissi, Phill Brackenbury-Chair, Tammy Morrison, Norah Hall, Sue Maynard,  Paul Hauraney-Secretary, special guest Marvin Visony, one of our Guatemalan masons

Regrets: Joni Seligman
Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm.
All action items, person responsible in red.
Minutes from last meeting reviewed.
Outstanding Action Item: Tammy to speak with her brother Terry, probably in Aug, about what is involved in organizing the run at Stewart Park Festival for 2019. It is thought the GSP might possibly run this event as a fundraiser.

Minutes approved as read moved by Rita, seconded by Norah, all in agreement.

Upcoming Events:

AGM Sunday June 10 from 1:00pm-3:00pm at McMartin House, 125 Gore St E., Perth
Pot Luck following at Tammy’s house after the AGM. 10 Ridgeway Place, PerthPaul, Terri and Tom will not be in attendance at this year’s AGM.

Stewart Park Festival July 13-15, we have been accepted as a vendor. Paul has filed our contract, insurance certificate and payment ($50.00 paid by Paul) with the organizer.
Action Item: Paul will circulate a sign-up sheet soon and send to Rita for mail chimp mail out.

Blue Skies Aug 4-6 Clarendon, GSP has bottle collection again this year and many volunteers will be required to help out.
Action Item: Rita will work with Nancy Wallace Simpson scheduling volunteers for the weekend.
Phill made a passionate plea to make sure those who receive a ticket actually show up for their shifts and work, in the past, some of these people have not helped at all. It was agreed that scheduled volunteers be made aware they are responsible to show up to work at the bottle collection for their shifts
Tom pointed out Monday Aug. 6 is a heavy day; many volunteers are needed.
Paul will help Tuesday Aug. 7 to return bottles to Smiths Falls.
Action Item: Paul will contact Wayne James to see if he can also help Tuesday Aug. 7.

Perth Rotary Ribfest, July 27-29, to be held at Last Duel Park in Perth.
GSP requests many of our volunteers sign up via the Perth Rotary Ribfest 2018 website, click on “volunteers” then click on the small yellow “sign up genius” box to bring up the schedule and fill in when you can help.
If GSP volunteers help at this event we hope the Rotary International group will see fit to give GSP a healthy donation towards stove building.

Tom mentioned that Jose Yac of CEDEC may be in Toronto June 23-27 and hopes he will be in Perth for part of this time.

Past Events:
Volunteer Pot Luck which was scheduled for Apr 15 at Tammy’s’ is rescheduled for after the AGM, Sunday, June 10.

Mother of a Dinner, May 12 at Perth Lions Hall is thought to have been a huge success by all accounts of feedback.
Tom mentioned we received many whole stove donations and many people wanted to meet him and thank him for the work the GSP does in Guatemala.
Syrian food served was very well received and voraciously consumed.
Phill asked that a thank you certificate be produced for Jordan Kennie and her staff for all their hard work and many hours in preparing for this event.
Paul asked that a thank you certificate be produced for Mark Monette and Beth Monette of Rental Village Carleton Place for their very kind assistance with the past three MODs.
Action Item: Phill/Rita will ask Eric to produce these two certificates.
Action Item: Paul will frame and deliver the certificate to rental village.
Phill took notes on any suggestions for changes to be made for the 2019 Mother of a Dinner.

Next meeting 06:30 pm., Monday Sept 17, 2018 at Coutts Coffee Roastery& Cafe, 57 Gore St E., Perth.

Meeting adjourned 07:50pm., moved by Sue and seconded by Al.
Thanks to all who attended.


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