Perth Volunteer Minutes March 4, 2019

Minutes Perth GSP Meeting Mon March 4, 6:30 pm Coutts Coffee

Attendees: Tammy, Norah, Al, Terri, Paul, Bob, Bill, Phil, Sue, Hans, Erika, Elaine Scott

Action items from last meeting: Janet to forward new stove measurements to Terri so new autocad drawings can be created

Volunteer chair: Paul
Minutes: Phill

 *All in attendance encouraged to approach groups/ churches for possible presentations

Financial Emergency Funds Update from Terri

$4900 cost for operation,     $700 extra treatment, raised $4800 (short $838)
$1591 spent to help Maritza, Carlito and Rita
Will need to transfer $2400 to “Emergency Fund”

Upcoming events

– March 7- Partnership with Algonquin College – Janet and Liz
– week of March 18- Liz and Janet to present to two groups (40 students each) of grade two classes at Knoxdale Public School
– March 25 – Ottawa Meeting at La Cabana, 848 Merivale Road at 6 pm
– April 2 – BOD meeting Thruway Restaurant, Carleton Place at 5:30 pm- – – Saturday May 4 – Mother of A Dinner (MOD)

* Dinner planning meeting Monday, March 18 4pm Coutts Coffee for all interested in helping to plan the dinner

– AGM – June McMartin House, Perth (date to be set at next BOD meeting) -Stewart Park , Perth July 19-21 Paul has submitted application and it has been confirmed

Update on GSP Volunteer Trip to Guatemala

-all shared that the group was fantastic- each person contributd and was easy to get along with
-Paul felt the terrain in the village was the steepest he had ever experienced in his many years working with the GSP and this was difficult for some of the volunteers

Janet’s report on AMMID/ Comitancillo

 We documented 100 stoves. There were some problems as cracks in the parging and more seriously, three families had removed the front cement blocks and door. We have had meetings with AMMID staff and they are as concerned and upset as we are. Families most happy to have the stoves and as the stoves were built a while ago we were able to see them in such good use.

-We saw more evidence of the “green component” for a micro loan such as the planting of grasses, shrubs between fields and planting of 50 saplings.

-We visited three deserving bursary students girls in their homes, had dinner out with two girls and once again hosted the student luncheon for 12 girls, one parent each and members of the board of directors. We also added a mature student to our bursary students so we now have 13 students. Reyna our most knowledgeable guide with AMMID is returning to school to become an agricultural technician. She has a grade 4 education and plans to finish in 5 years by attending school on Sundays.

 Other items: Norah had a card party and raised $620 (Way to go, Norah!)

Next Perth GSP volunteer meeting Monday, April 8 6:30 pm Coutts

Motion to adjourn 7:15 pm moved by Paul and seconded by Sue

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