Perth Volunteer Minutes June 3, 2019

In Attendance;

Al, Norah, Phill, Tom, Rita, Janet, Jeanette
Chair- Bill,  Secretary-Paul
Regrets, Joni
Meeting to order at 06:35pm.
Action items, person responsible highlighted in red.

Apr. 8 minutes reviewed.
Janet to ask Ishim again for new stove measurements which she will send to Terri. Tom to be copied on email.
Bill A to look into arranging a presentation in Sharbot Lk which could possibly be a multi denominational church event.
Minutes accepted as read, moved by Phill, seconded by Rita.

Upcoming events:

Leads for presentations,
Bill A. for Sharbot Lk as mentioned in last minutes.
Jeanette A. to investigate possibility of a presentation at Balderson United.
AGM, Sunday, June 9, 01:00pm at McMartin House, 125 Gore St E.,   Perth.
Pot Luck supper to be held at Norah’s house, 28 Cockburn St., Perth after the AGM.
Phill to contact Lake 88 to ask them to advertise the AGM as a public service announcement.
Rita to put add in Inside Ottawa Valley for AGM.

Stewart Park Music Festival – Paul has paid participant fees, and all is in order for GSP to partake with a booth space.
Paul will circulate an email for volunteers to sign up to help at booth, best to have two people at every shift.
Cash box to be dropped off at Phill’s house by last shift and picked up at Phill’s house by starting shift each day.
All other materials can be zipped under tent and left overnight as there will be overnight security on site.
Blue Skies Music Festival Aug 2, 3, 4, 5 with returns to Smiths Falls Beer store on Aug 6
Tom to ask Regan for the loan of his trailer.
Tom asked for volunteers to help with collection, he mentioned no tickets are required for Monday.
Paul will help with returns Tuesday Aug 6
Bill to help Monday
Bill and Jeanette to help Saturday
Phill will be at the event and able to help
Everyone in attendance: Tom asked that people gather liquor boxes with inserts, 60-80 boxes required. Please message Tom with information on what you can gather.
Tom is to call SF beer store to pick up beer bottle boxes and make an appointment to bring back returns on Tuesday Aug 6.

Ottawa News
Saturday June 8 is the Centerpoint Garage Sale from 08:00-01:00pm, Liz and Janet have a table to raise funds for GSP, located outside of 38 Hyde Park Way, Nepean.
June 4 Liz and Janet are meeting with Mr. Omura who is with Algonquin College Media and Design program to discuss how the GSP might benefit from their involvement. Students may be able to work on our website and help with our media exposure.
Janet also updated us on information between GSP and Algonquin College Child and Youth Services program. The college may have students interested in taking part in our Guatemala exposure trip.
June 4 Janet and Liz are to meet people at Riverside United Church to check out this venue for the Ottawa Fall Fundraiser which will not be held at Otto and Anne Marie’s house this year.
The projected date is Fri, Nov. 8 and will feature music, appetizers and a silent auction with tickets for sale at $50.00.

May 22, Ken Sparks gave a Rotary presentation, as of June 5 Ken will have done 4 presentations with plans to do a total of 10 to different Ottawa Rotary groups with hope that each group will donate $300.00 to fund a stove and Rotary International will hopefully match that total amount.
Some discussion ensued about the local Ottawa Rotary funds being sent directly to GSP and not to Rotary Guatemala as we fear these funds may not reach their intended recipients. Tom expressed a desire to talk directly to Ken about this aspect.

May 28, Erika and Janet attended a CRA charity workshop from 01:30-04:00pm. They found it very informative.

Together Liz and Janet entered the data for 100 stoves built by AMMID.
End of Ottawa News

Tom spoke briefly about the Caravans of people moving from South and Central America with hopes of entering the USA and how the President of Mexico is speaking of financial assistance to these countries with hopes of the US participating as well. With sufficient aid these caravans of people could remain in their own countries and not put themselves and children at such tremendous risk.

Past Events,
May 4, Mother of a Dinner was a highly successful event raising $12,442.00.
The venue of St. James Church was great, food once again was excellent. People seemed to really enjoy themselves.
Discussion continued on whether or not this event can continue.
This event demands a tremendous number of hours of preparation and planning.
Phill will not head this event another year but is happy to help.
We will not ask Jordan to be our head chef again as she has already done two years of successful events at a great investment of time and money to herself.
In short, we will need someone to head the event and a head chef to captain the food preparation.
Paul will book St James Church hall and kitchen for May 2 or 9 with hopes we can pull it off again.
Tom is to ask Regan Lee if he might be interested in being our head chef and food captain.
Norah suggested, “A Taste of Perth” which would entail many restaurants in Perth involved, each donating a certain course of the meal.
Please feel free to make suggestions, the BOD will entertain any viable suggestions.

May 16, Tom advised that funds for 50 stoves were sent to AMMID in Commitancillo and 50 stoves were sent to CEDEC in Xela.

Janet advised that Julio is doing well after follow-up with proper nutrition to help him recover. GSP funded Julio’s medical care this past February including amputation, and post-surgical care.
Janet will request a further update from CEDEC and get back to us.

Paul will be the GSP representative to receive a cheque for $1000.00 from Empty Bowls at Foodsmiths Wed June 5 at 09:30. These funds are to be used for nutritional purposes.

Next regular GSP meeting is Wed Sept 11, 2019 at 06:30pm Coutts and Co coffee shop.
Meeting adjourned at 08:00 moved by Phill.




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