Perth Volunteer Minutes December 9, 2019

Present: Elaine Scott, Bob Klatt, Catherine Smith, Malcolm McNaughton, Mackenzie McNaughton, Ethan Wright, Bill Avery, Jeanette Avery, Rita Redner, Norah Hall, Terri Henderson, Rob Bowyer, Tom Clarke, Phill Brackenbury, Paul Hauraney (Chair), Tammy Morrison (Secretary)

Meeting Called to Order:  06:30pm

Additions to Agenda
Mother of a Dinner
Dance date, 2020
Phill Brackenbury
Pinkerton Academy, Derry, New Hampshire

Welcome to all in attendance
Minutes from October 28, 2019 meeting approved by Norah, seconded by Terri

Action Items from October 28 meeting
Bob will check date with Bethel United Church – Tom leaves Jan. 15th – so hopeful Jan.12?
Jeanette left messages with Balderson United – no response
New action items are in RED

Upcoming events

Stove Building Workshop Sunday, Jan.5 at 10 a.m. at Tom’s workshop/pot-luck to follow
Tom emphasized how important it is to attend this workshop, especially for new volunteers.
Algonquin College School of Media Design are revitalizing the GSP website by updating it and making it more user friendly.  Terri, Rita, Liz, Janet, Pierre met last week to discuss improvements.  This is a 2 yr. project with Algonquin College.

2020 Guatemala excursion takes place Feb. 1 – Feb. 15, 2020.     21 volunteers are committed.
Tom asks anyone with flight delay to inform Jorge at La Merced to let him know. Phill will supply everyone with Jorge’s number.
Tom reminded everyone to pay for their stay at La Merced before leaving.  It is best to pay in American $ …  approx. 28.00 US.
Tom will send everyone his cell phone # – he will be in Guatemala 2 wks early.
Norah reminded everyone there is a buzzer to get into La Merced.
It was advised to get your Quetzals in Guatemala.
Tom recommended new volunteers go on the GSP website and watch the 2001, 22min. video about building stoves in Guat.

Past Events

Sunday, Nov. 3 presentation at St. Paul’s Church by Terri, Tammy, Tom, Bill – approx. $300. received that day with other cheques sent later.
Friday, Nov. 8  Ottawa Event raised $18,120 – stove challenge, silent auction, taco bar,Mariachi band – best fundraiser ever!!
Friday, Nov. 15 – Perth Fall Fundraiser dance/silent auction raised $4,000
Sunday, Nov.17 – St. James Church presentation by Tom and Paul

Mother of a Dinner – Taste of Perth
Phill was not prepared to go into great detail regarding the event at this time, but the main idea is to have different chefs each prepare a course.
Jordan has agreed to do the main course.
We still require someone for an appetizer, and dessert
– possibly The Perth Pie Company for dessert??
-Phill has asked Reagan – no response
– Phill may approach Nick from the Stone Cellar
It is a great event with 180 people in attendance every year.

Fall fundraiser
Norah will book Open Road for our Fall Fundraiser on Saturday, Nov.21, 2020

Pinkerton Academy
Becky Hopkinson, teacher in Kerry, New Hampshire contacted GSP through f/b
Paul H. spoke with 2 classes (15-17 yr. olds) … he answered typical questions about what we do, what it’s like in Guat. etc.
Paul sent them brochures and a calendar, and was to speak to 2 more classes next week.

Phill Brackenbury
After being a Director for 6 years, Phill will be stepping down at the AGM in June.
Phill has been an amazingly dedicated and hard working member of the GSP executive.
There will be an opening on the executive, and it was stressed you only have to make a 1 year commitment.
The other 2 executive members, Janet and Erika will be staying on.

Next Meeting Dates: Jan.5 stove-building workshop/pot-luck/meeting re: volunteer trip
Monday March 9, 6:30 pm at Coutts Coffee

Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm
Thanks to all in attendance.

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