Perth Volunteer Minutes April 13, 2018

Perth Volunteer Meeting April 9, 2018

Present: Tom Clarke, Terri Henderson, Wayne James, Al Teflissi, Irwin Pencer, Marcia Pencer, Phill Brackenbury, Paul Hauraney, Rita Redner, Joni Seligman.
Regrets: Tammy Morrison, Norah Hall
Chair: Phill
Recorder: Rita
Minutes from the March 5th GSP meeting were read, Phill made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Paul – all in favour.

Upcoming Events/Presentations

April 15 at 1 pm – annual volunteer potluck about 8 volunteers from Perth will attend, hosted by Tammy at 10 Ridgeway Place Perth.

May 12 – Mother of A Dinner (MOD) small group meeting was held with Jordan to discuss menu and some menu items were changed due to cost. This year each table will have its own platter of appetizers, and desserts will be supplied by Jordan & co.
A date will be set to prepare the desserts and apps at the Picnic kitchen on Rogers Rd.
Volunteers still needed! See below
servers are needed – contact Phill.
Action Item – Terri to contact Liangas about serving.
Head server to oversee all servers for the evening – still needed
Greeters – Sue, Terri, Marcia, Rita
Dishwasher – already set up
Rentals – Paul is in contact with Rental Village and will get info on numbers or items needed from Phill
Silent auction – Terri and Marcia are organizing (Terri has the letter to send to donors).
Al will donate the coffee and organize the coffee-making/serving area.
Table Decorations – Norah (Mason jar with flowers?)
Set-up is on Saturday May 12th at 11 am, Lion’s Hall
Poster designed by Judy Field
MC – Angie Pacey, Maureen Pegg –Phill to contact these 2, any other ideas?
Stove Challenge will be more low-key this year. Perhaps ‘sell’ bricks to build a stove at the info table.
Action Item – Rita to add Aida, Rosa, Joan and Charlene to Mailchimp list and notify about MOD
Action Item – Rita to send image of ‘mother’ to Terri for cropping
Action Item – Rita to contact Lake88 Three weeks prior to MOD (around Apr 20
We learned there is another event the same day at Algonquin Coll. Involving First Responders.

Toronto Rotary Convention June 23-27 at Skydome – 40 000 Rotarians to attend. GSP has been invited to share a booth with Stove Team (Oregon) and Masons on a Mission (Maine). Staffing of the booth would be shared with these groups, Phill will volunteer at the beginning, Janet during the middle, Tom at the end. Terri has offered to fund materials for constructing a stove on-site if that is the plan. The hope is that there would be funding to build stoves from the various Rotary groups attending this convention. Ishim, Manuela, and Jose may attend. Discussion of where to stay in Toronto, if you have ideas or suggestions contact Tom.

Stewart Park Festival July 13-15 Our application is in and we’re waiting to hear back from organizers. We will need to fill 3 days of shifts for GSP booth. Phill was approached to organize the 5km race that takes place during the festival – no time this year, maybe in future.
Action Item – ask Tammy to talk with Terry Stewart about what is involved in organizing this race possibly for next year (2019) as a fundraiser ($2000-4000).

Blue Skies Festival Aug 4-6 Wayne is available to help Tom unload on Tues Aug 7 in Smiths Falls, Paul will check his calendar to see if he is free to help. Deverie will volunteer this year.

Aprovecho Research Centre (ARC) sent a report on testing the new stove design (stock) compared to a prototype they designed (with rocket elbow and better test results). Suggested that we build a prototype stove here and see how we like it, and invited a volunteer to visit ARC and attend stove camp.
Discrepancy in test results from San Carlos University and ARC

  • Questions to ask ARC;
    request Engineering drawings with dimensions or a model in AutoCAD
    Why are the sides stepped down?
    Will 6” stove pipe be better than the 5” we currently use?
    Why is there no door? And Is this not a safety hazard?
    Action Item – Tom to continue the conversation with Aprovecho

No upcoming presentations are planned.

AGM – Sunday June 10 at 1 pm at McMartin House in Perth
Next Meeting – Monday May 14 at 6:30pm Coutts Coffee House Perth
Meeting adjourned; moved by Sue, seconded by Paul



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