Perth Volunteer Meeting Minutes October 15, 2018

Minutes Perth GSP Meeting Monday October 15, 2018 

Present: Tom, Norah, Phill, Paul, Hans, Erika, Tammy, Sue, Terri, Joan, Rita, Al
Regrets: Marcia & Irwin, Joni

Welcome and introduction of new members

Joan Klatt introduced herself as being present to get information for her husband, Bob Klatt, who became interested in the trip after talking with Tom and Paul at the Bethel Church presentation
Chair: Paul
Secretary: Phill

Rita moved to approve minutes from Sept. 17, seconded by Terri

5) Upcoming Events/Presentations 

The Perth GSP fundraiser dance Saturday, November17th
– Paul donated $60 fee for Civitan Hall
– Paul and Phill to double up as MCs
-sign up schedule passed round for those present to sign up for dance duties
-Terri has ad for Humm ready ($112 plus HST) and article for EMC which she will circulated electronically for proofreading before submitting
– Tickets distributed to volunteers present (also available at as well as posters (Paul has extra posters if anyone needs more)

Action Item: Phill to poster Gore and Foster Streets and Rita to poster Highway 7
Action Item: Rita to send Web ready poster which can be forwarded by all to all contacts
Action Item: Paul will let volunteers know if we need to make sandwiches

St. Paul’s, Perth Sunday Nov 4, 10 am presentation- (Terri, Tammy, Rita, Phill)
St. James, Perth Sunday Nov 25 am presentation (new contact and new format with 4 groups making short presentation)
Mother of a Dinner May 2019 – Jordan Kennie has indicated her interest in being the chef, but we have not locked down a hall for the event (Lion’s Hall already booked on Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend)
-will try to ascertain if May 4th available at Lion’s Hall
-look into possibility of using St. Andrews or St. Paul’s halls for event on either May 11 or May 4
-late addition; St James Hall is available for MOD on May 4th this date works for Jordan
-discussion about possibility of Norah making quilt and raffling it off – undecided

The Ottawa fundraiser Saturday, November 24
Held at home of Otto and Anne Marie (48 Davidson Cres.  Rothwell Heights)
-$50 per ticket ($25 receipted) with silent auction, fundraising challenges, food, music
– discuss Perth volunteer carpool to event at our dance

Feb 2019 GSP volunteer trip to Guatemala
– 12 volunteers who are committed to traveling in Feb. 2019 if there is a trip (Hans, Erika, Janet, Tom, Otto, Bill, Glenn, Bill and Jeannette Avery, Leslie Rowe, Tammy, Al
Maybe: Bob Klatt
-due to the possibility of disruptions from protests/ turmoil incited by actions of President Jimmy Morales, Tom and board to make decision on proceeding with trip by December 15, 2018

Calendars are printed and will be picked up by Paul this week and distributed to volunteers to sell at $15
Rita will contact Steev to put on website that calendars are for sale for $15
Brochures have been updated (it now costs $300 per stove). Paul will pick up from Motion Printing (has last check from Tom)
Cheques – Phill to contact Nancy for new GSP checkbooks and will hold while Tom is away
Tom’s travel plans update October 16 – Jan. 9 – Asia/ Jan. 9 March/ April 2019 – Guatemala.

 Past Events

Bethel Church presentation Sunday Oct 14 by Tom and Paul. Always a positive experience. Bob Klatt identified himself as a potential traveler at the presentation.
Pot luck with Bev and Chuck at Tom and Rita’s also Sunday Oct 14 – good time had by all

Next Perth GSP volunteer meeting Monday Nov 26, 6:30 pm Coutts

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