Perth Volunteer Meeting Minutes March 9, 2020

1. Attendees:Phill Brackenbury, Bob Klatt, Norah Hall, Tammy Morrison, Janet Allan, Elaine Scott, Robert Bowyer, Rita Redner, Paul Hauraney, Joni Seligman, Tom Clarke, Tim Moss, Yesly Boute, Erika Johner, Bill Avery, Jeanette Avery, Al Teflissi, Sue Maynard

Welcome to new members Tim Moss and Yesly Boute

2. Chair: Paul Hauraney Minutes: Phill Brackenbury

3. Additions to agenda: Brochure changes/ reprint order

Ottawa news

4. Approve minutes from Dec. 9, 2019 – Action Item: Norah to book band, “Open Road” for Sat., Nov. 21 Dance – (Done)
Minutes Approved – Rita moved to approve minutes, Norah seconded

5. Upcoming Events:
Mother Of a Dinner – Sat., May 30, 2020 St James Hall
Tickets go on sale online April 1 (for tables of 8 guests – single tickets released later)
Action Item: Phill to send email to interested volunteers for a planning committee meeting (Paul, Norah, Bob, Elaine, Joni)

AGM Sunday, June 14, 2020 McMartin House
At this time the GSP will be looking for a new Director(s). If anyone is considering this possibility, they should make their interest known to a Board member sooner rather than later.
Action Item: Phill to contact McMartin House and book date for AGM
Action Item: Phill to email Nancy Maynard and inform her of AGM date (Done)

Perth Rotary Ribfest (July 24 – 26) Paul did a presentation to Perth Rotary and they donated $5000 to GSP. This is based on our commitment to help supplying volunteers to Ribfest in July.
Volunteers encouraged to sign up, Paul will let us know when online sign-up is active. Simply look up Perth Ribfest, go to Volunteer sign-up and click on button to volunteer for 2 hour shift(s) of your choice.

*Tom made a plea for Perth group to come up with some new presentation materials. Our current material is old and degrading.
Action Item: Elaine volunteered to look at making some materials

Stewart Park Festival July 17 – 19, Perth. Once again the GSP will have a booth with volunteers to provide info on our work. A volunteer sign-up will be circulated later.

Maplefest April 25 – Coutts Coffee will set up a booth in front of the cafe, Al is asking for any volunteers who would like to help to take a shift.

Ottawa News:
– next volunteer meeting in Ottawa: Mon., March 23, 6 p.m. at LaCabana restaurant (Merivale Rd.)

– working group has met to look at website and work with Algonquin College students to update site and add material (to go live in April)

-Anabelle Salas and Ken Sparks have been making presentations through the Bytown Rotary Club and are seeking to achieve some fund matching through he Rotary which could multiply GSP funds.

– Paul Hauraney spoke to Pinkerton Academy in Northeast US. They will skype with GSP volunteers with a focus on micro-loans and there should be monetary donation from this.

6. Past Events
Stove Building Workshop Jan. 5, 2020
-feedback was that workshop was useful and created some familiarity with process of stove building

-contract between Algonquin College Media students and GSP to work together to improve website. GSP volunteers will be asked in an upcoming email from Janet to supply new written material for website.

2020 Volunteer trip
21 volunteers-Elaine gave feedback that stove building segment was excellent and Rob added that with its various elements the trip was “very varied”. Also, feedback from volunteers that this years’ community of recipients seemed better off than last year’s community (more animals, nicer homes, good water supply, easier access to roads).

Tom explained how this year 3 Mayan people were identified as needing emergency medical help. That help was provided by the GSP and in 2 cases is ongoing.

Paul reminded us of presentations completed in 2019:
St. Paul, St. James, Civitan Hall dance – Perth
Fall Fundraiser – Ottawa

Total stoves built by GSP to date: 7118 family stoves
The GSP recently built 9 larger sized school stoves. This new initiative is more costly ($500 CAN as opposed to $300 CAN for regular family stove), but they can feed 100 – 200 students, so they have a large impact.

Next Meeting: Monday, April 20, 2020

Sue M. made a motion to adjourn and Norah seconded. Meeting adjourned.

*Bob Klatt wanted everyone to know that a big supporter of the GSP, Bethel United Church on Rideau Ferry Rd. is having a Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, April 4 starting a 8:30 am.

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