Perth Volunteer Meeting March 5, 2018

March 5, 2018 Perth Meeting Guatemala Stove Project

In attendance: Tammy Morrison-Chair
Paul Hauraney-Secretary
Sue Maynard
Phill Brackenbury
Marcia Pencer
Irwin Pencer
Terri Henderson
Wayne James
Norah Hall
Al Teflissi
Erika Johner
Tom Clarke

Meeting called to order at 06:38pm.
Note: Action items, responsible name in red.

Dec 4, 2017 minutes reviewed and approved as read by Tammy, seconded by Sue.

Upcoming Events:

Mother of a Dinner-May 12 Perth Lions Hall

Phill informed us that Jordan Kennie will be the chef for  MOD with the help of the Perth Syrian families for a Syrian themed dinner.
Committee set up including Phill, Tammy, Norah, Terri, Al, Sue and Paul.
First meeting set for Wed Mar 28, 04:30pm at Coutts.
Paul to contact Rita to see if she wants to assist committee .

Toronto Rotary Convention- June 23-27 Set up June 22 Skydome
Tom informed group there will be an estimated 40,000 Rotarians at this event.
Space is free.
GSP will share a booth with Masons on a Mission of Maine and Stoveteam of Oregon.
GSP will be hoping for large donations from Rotary International groups.
Jose and Ishim will be there.
Tom asked for volunteers to help in TO for a day or two, Terri, Phill, Erika and Paul are considering helping in TO.
Tom says we may build a stove in TO at a cost of about $500 paid by GSP and recouped if someone should be willing to buy materials.
All considering should be prepared to commit at our next meeting Apr 9.
Paul will contact Rotary to inquire if they are interested in helping with this endeavor in TO.

Stewart Park Festival- July13-15
Paul has submitted application and will circulate a sign up sheet closer to the date.
Rotary Ribfest-Aug 4-6 Last Duel Park
Tammy mentioned GSP volunteers should sign up online through Rotarys web page and ‘sign up genious’ in the hopes Perth Rotary will give GSP another donation.

Blue Skies- Aug 4-6 Clarendon
Tom will contact Jim Wallace to see if GSP can have bottle collection once again this year.
If we get it a sign up sheet will be circulated.
Blue Skies reserves 8 camping passes for our volunteers to purchase when we do the collection.

Fall Fundraiser-Nov 17 Perth Civitan
Paul will contact Civitan to be sure we have the hall.
Band suggestions; Broccoliis-$1500.00-too much$$$
Terri will check out Riq Turner band
Tammy will check out Eddie and the Stingrays
Tammy will check out Sean McCollough

Tom mentioned our new volunteer Rosa from Ottawa may be able to get us invited to present at her large catholic church

Past Events:

Stove Building Workshop Jan 7 at Tom and Rita’s
Volunteers enjoyed the workshop and thought it worthwhile, many positive comments on evaluation forms.
Volunteer Excursion- Feb 3-17 Guatemala
Trip was very good, small group was easier to handle and bonded well, meals were easier with smaller group.
Hot springs, Panamaquim visit, San Pedro and Antigua all went very well.
Volunteers enjoyed the experience.

New Stove Design-Aprovecho Update.
Tom advised Aprovecho needs a few more weeks to complete their assessment of our new stove design.
They may suggest some more modifications to make our stove even more efficient.

Norah and Wayne held a euchre tournament which raised $600.00 for the GSP.
Tom has cash for deposit and names to issue tax receipts.
Kudos to Wayne and Norah. Great job guys!!

Tom’s Month in Guatemala.
Tom advised he found the month on his own very difficult.
There were too many stoves to be documented by only one person.
He observed many starving children and is feeling he may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from the cumulative effect of having seen so many hungry children over so many years.
Tom advises he needs to step back from the GSP and not be involved for perhaps a month or two.
The BOD and volunteers will need to formulate a plan to document stoves going forward.

Next Meeting Apr 9, 06:30pm Coutts Coffee Shop.

Meeting adjourned 07:38pm moved by Terri, seconded by Tammy.

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