Perth Minutes December 4, 2017

MONDAY, DEC. 4, 2017

Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm
In Attendance: Tom Clarke, Rita Redner, Phill Brackenbury, Norah Hall, Erika Johner, Terri Henderson, Al Telfissi, Tammy Morrison
Regrets: Paul Hauraney, Irwin and Marcia Pencer, Janet Allen, Ken Morin, Joni Seligman
Chair: Norah Hall Minutes: Tammy

Skyla Girdwood was introduced and greeted by all. She is interested in the Feb. excursion.

Minutes from Oct. 23 reviewed, action items read off by Norah and moved to be accepted as read by Rita and seconded by Terri. Phill signed the minutes.
Note: person responsible for action item is in red

Upcoming events/presentations

Mother of a Dinner
Phill to discuss with Jordan Kennie over the holidays, the possibility of catering the event, possibility of involving the Syrian women, failing that, he will speak with Nick, chef at The Stone Cellar, then Ram, chef/owner of East Meets West.

Upcoming Events
Stove building workshop Sunday, January 7 at Tom and Rita’s

Past Events

Nov. 28 – Tom ran 2 workshops for Grade 10 students in Kemptville. Tom felt it was a waste of time and didn’t think any of the students will do anything to help the project.

Nov. 26 – Tom presented at St. James Church – they have been a big supporter of the project for 18 years

Dec. 3 – Tom, Terri and Tammy presented at St. Paul’s Church. Talked to many people about the project, some calendars, scarves were sold and other donations made.

Fall Fundraiser Dance

Rita reported the dance on Nov. 17 netted $5174.00 – this figure is down a little from last year. Next year we will be charged a nominal amount for the Civitan Hall.

Tammy will check out the band The Brock-o-lees at News Years Eve for next year.

Erika reported the the Ottawa group did very well at the Fisher Park High School craft fair– talked to a lot of people, sold bags, calendars, hackey sacks, bracelets and scarves.

Ottawa Fundraiser at Otto and Ann Marie’s was very successful. $13,000+ raised


Money for 150 stoves was sent to our 3 partners in Guatemala, 50 for AMMID, 50 for CEDEC and 50 for AMI

Tom encourages  volunteers to help with presentations and try to secure presentations as that is one of the most important things the GSP can do to make a difference. We used to do many more.
All Volunteers: Tom would like volunteers to keep eyes and ears open for venues and opportunities to present.

Terri has been working on drawings for the new stove design.

Terri will go to Tom and Rita’s to have another look at the stove.

Tom advised there are still many 2018 calendars left … so sell, sell, sell.

More calendars available from Tom or Tammy, and if you haven’t already handed in your money from calendar sales please contact Tom or Tammy by email and arrangements will be made for pick up

Next meeting Monday, March 5th 6:30 pm at Coutts Coffee Shop

Meeting adjourned by Rita and seconded by Phill.
Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season!  Seasons Greetings to All!!

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