Perth Minutes Sept. 11/17



Attendees: Tom Clarke, Rita Redner, Phill Brackenbury, Janet Allan, Erika Johner, Terri Henderson Paul Hauraney, Sue Maynard, Tammy Morrison, Al Teflissi

Regrets: Norah Hall, Wayne James, Marcia & Irwin Pencer

Chair: Phill Brackenbury Secretary: Tammy Morrison


-who’s going to Guatemala

-Calendars sales

-new person to take over from Paul re: contacting new volunteers

– Paul mentioned a new fundraiser he heard of put on by Lake 88???

Rita approved minutes of May 26 meeting and Phil signed off on them.

Action Items from May 26 meeting:

Al contacted Bethel United Church re: presentation – he has sent 2 emails

ACTION ITEM: Al will follow-up with Bethel United Church

Stewart Park Festival – completed

Blue Skies – completed

Terri Henderson to contact Julianna from Field House to be MOD chef

ACTION ITEM: Terri to contact Julianna this week


2018 Calendars are Ready: a big thank you to Pierre, Louise, Judy and Liz for all their work on the calendars and getting them to us so quickly. 250 were printed, 125 to each the Ottawa and Perth chapters. Groups of 10 were given out to sell, also available for purchase on the website .

Please contact Tammy if you would like some calendars to sell.

Good Bye to Samuel: Don Samuel is returning home end of the month

Paul offered to host a good-bye BBQ – Monday, September 25, 2017

Presentation: October 13 – at Algonquin College to the Social Work Program by Tom

Ottawa Fundraiser: November 4– at Otto and Ann Marie’s house – tickets are $50, with a $25 tax receipt

Perth Fundraising Dance: November 17 – at Civitan – hall has been booked

ACTION ITEM: Phill: to confirm band with Patrick Graham of Under the Covers

Rita, Phil, Tammy, Terri and Paul agreed to be on the dance committee – 1st meeting, Tuesday, September 19, 5:15 pm at Tammy’s house.

ACTION ITEM: Rita: to ask Joni to collect donations from the studio tour

Volunteer trip to Guatemala – February 3 – 17 – a great deal of discussion followed

Who is confirmed? Rita and Tom for documenting, Janet, Ken, Tammy, Terri? Paul? Phill (if going, for one week only), Erika no, there are a few new applications for this year

Phill volunteered to look after interviewing new volunteer applicants.

Phill sees 2nd portion of the trip high risk and responsibility to the Board of Directors (example: going on 3rd party boats and cars), maybe it should be put in the handbook that 2nd portion is self directed.

Al wondered “why do we have the 2nd portion?” Tom said he thought project would die if no 2nd portion as there would be 4 days of travel for 7 days there. After much discussion, it was agreed 2018 Volunteer trip will be re-visited at next meeting.

Mother of a Dinner: At this point in time we have no hall and no chef, some people didn’t like Lion’s hall because it was too noisy, Phill has checked with the Legion and Farrell Hall (they provide their own cooks), may have to re-visit Lions Hall.

ACTION ITEM: Phill to ask Jordan Kenny to be the volunteer chef

Lake 88 Fundraiser: Paul mentioned fundraiser put on by Lake 88 – they pick a charity every year and $11,000 was raised this year for United Way – there were big ticket items auctioned off

ACTION ITEM: Phill will inquire about this

Rotary Ribfest: Paul expressed disappointment that only himself and Sue volunteered this year at the Rotary Ribfest event as Rotary gave the project $2,000 last year.


June 3 – Janet reported the Centrepoint Garage Sale was very successful – netted $515.00

June 11 – Annual General Meeting – Erika happy to be on the Board of Directors – it is a legal requirement of a registered charity to have minutes of the A.G.M. – Phil has those finished now.

June – Janet reported Ottawa chapter realized $914.00 and one new volunteer at the viewing of “Living on a Dollar a Day”. Also, the Go-Fund-Me account has raised $1605.00. These monies are going toward the Maya Girls Bursary campaign.

Next Ottawa Meeting: Wednesday September 27, at La Cabana restaurant 6 p.m.

June 18 – Tom reported the St. Lawrence Church presentations were very profitable, Samuel attended the presentations as well.

July 14,15,16 – Stewart Park Festival – Paul reported the weekend went well, the weather was good and $600.00 was raised. He and other volunteers spoke to a lot of people raising awareness of the project.

August 5,6,7,8 – Blue Skies Bottle Collection – approx. $1100.00 raised from the weekend

There was a lot of help from the general populous Monday a.m.

Note: the bottles need to be sorted coloured from the clear

August 27 – Stove Reveal of Stove Modification at Tom’s farm – it was noted it was neat to see and we will reply on the expertise of people that know more than us. Terri will do drawings of it.

Voted that Monday nights are good for the future meetings.

Next meeting: Monday, October 23, 2017 6:30 p.m. At Coutts Coffee

Meeting adjourned by Rita and seconded by Sue.

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