Perth Minutes April 21, 2017


Perth Volunteer Meeting Minutes April 21, 2017

Present: Janet Allan, Tammy Morrison, Terri Henderson, Phill Brackebury, Rita Redner, Tom Clarke, Al Teflissi, Irwin Pencer, Marcia Pencer, Paul Hauraney

Regrets: Anita Payne, Hans and Erika Buser, Beth and Kerry Keogan, Wayne James and Norah Hall , Tom Spence

Chair: Paul Hauraney                                                                                   Secretary: Phill Brackenbury

Approve minutes from March 3 volunteer meeting

 -approved and signed by secretary (Phill)

Upcoming Events/Presentations

Saturday, April 29th Perth Festival of the Maples – everything is ready to go/ sign up list is complete and Paul will recirculate to remind everyone of their shifts

CFUW presentation May 1, 7pm Perth Legion – Tom, Tammy, Keith,                                      Saturday May 13, 2017 – 2nd Mother of a Dinner (MOD)                                                           – Phill to send out volunteer schedule to all volunteers                                                                           – reminder to send out email to all guests about how to be seated                                                       – check sound system to ensure it is loud enough                                                                                  – will be asking volunteers to make desserts (recipes and specific sizes will be sent to those who volunteer to bake)                                                                                                                                  – rental pick up on 12th of May                                                                                                      -Tammy, Paul, Rita, Terri, Marcia and Irwin to help set up at 11 a.m.

Annual General Meeting Sunday June 11th 1 PM

Action Item: Tom to book McMartin House                                                                                   Speaker: discussion about having a speaker or not and decision was made to not have one                                                                                                                                               Committee made up of board members to plan AGM meeting third week in May

Stewart Park Festival July 14,15,and 16 – sign up sheet started and will be circulated to all volunteers                                                                                                                                          Blue Skies bottle collection Aug 4,5,6   (return bottles Aug. 7 in Smith Falls)                            Action Item: Phill to discuss with Jim to circulate work schedule
6) Past Events
Post Trip volunteer potluck and get together at Tammy’s house April 2

7) Next Perth GSP volunteer meeting Friday May 26th

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