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Ottawa/Perth Fall Virtual Auction 2020

How to become a participant in the
Guatemala Stove Project Virtual Auction 2020.

Click on:     32auctions.com/GSP2020

If you have been a participant in a previous 32auctions event, all you have to do is login and you automatically become a participant in this one. 

If you are new to 32auctions, you can look at the items on offer without bidding or creating an account by clicking on View All Items.

If you want to participate by bidding, you need to create an account. Go to the top right of the page. Choose Login, then Create an account now
Fill out your information and click on Create Account

You should get an email saying you are a participant. 

You will receive an email 24 hours before the auction starts on November 6, reminding you that bidding will soon start. 

 Once the auction is live, you can make a bid if you want.  You should be sent an email saying you made a bid. If someone else makes a bid on top of you, you should be notified and you can make another, higher bid if you want.  You will receive an email as soon as the auction ends if you are the lucky winner. Please follow the instructions after each item to tell you how to pay. 

In order to keep payment costs down, we have opted to use e-transfers, cheques or cash as payment. 

If you have difficulty creating an account or signing in – volunteer Holly Blair is willing and able to help you sort out any problems – she can be contacted at:

To all our generous donors and supporters – Muchas Gracias/Thank you!  for your participation in this, our first ever, Virtual Auction. We hope you have fun and find something that interests you.
Please share this message with anyone you think might be interested!


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