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News and events

News and Events

We send out a Mailchimp Newsletter as needed to keep volunteers and donors up to date about our meetings, events and work in Guatemala –

COVID-19 Response

GSP is directing funds towards emergency assistance. A personal view of the effects of COVID-19 in Guatemala -Letter from BOD member Phill Brackenbury

GSP Solution for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

This article is for those who believe that we are in big trouble and also agree with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that there are only about 11 years left for us to drastically reduce our carbon production before it will be too late to save the planet from becoming uninhabitable.

Clean Cookstoves – A Solution for Addressing Global Warming

Since starting in 1999, Guatemala Stove Project has funded the construction of almost 7000 masonry cookstoves. These efficient cookstoves replace the use of a three stone fire or rudimentary stoves. The health and socio-economic benefits are numerous.

Aprovecho Research Centre Newsletter

The World Health Organization Asks: Where Are The Stoves? The WHO published the book Air pollution and child health: prescribing clean air (2018) that concludes: “The evidence is clear: air pollution has a devastating impact on children’s health.”

PBI “spin off” Guatemala Stove Project helps to address climate breakdown

In this interview for Ottawa Magazine, Stephen Dale says to Hans Sinn, who co-founded Peace Brigades International in 1981, “Tell me about PBI spin-offs.”

GSP Annual Stove Building Trip – February 2022 will depend on conditions in Guatemala

Want to get your hands dirty, get sweaty and be bone-tired at the end of each day? Are you brave enough to witness poverty, see the implications of global issues first-hand in a developing country and have an intimate connection with Maya families?

Meetings and Minutes

Meetings and Minutes:

Our volunteer meetings are held regularly in Perth and Ottawa:

Perth: Coutt’s Coffee Shop 57 Gore St E Perth, ON K7H 1H6

Ottawa:  La Cabaña Restaurant, 848-B Merivale Road, Ottawa, ON

Meetings are suspended until further notice

Notice of meetings is sent out by Mailchimp Newsletter

1. Attendees:Phill Brackenbury, Bob Klatt, Norah Hall, Tammy Morrison, Janet Allan, Elaine Scott, Robert Bowyer, Rita Redner, Paul Hauraney, Joni Seligman, Tom Clarke, Tim Moss, Yesly Boute, Erika Johner, Bill Avery, Jeanette Avery, Al Teflissi, Sue Maynard

Welcome to new members Tim Moss and Yesly Boute

2. Chair: Paul Hauraney Minutes: Phill Brackenbury

3. Additions to agenda: Brochure changes/ reprint order

Ottawa news

4. Approve minutes from Dec. 9, 2019 – Action Item: Norah to book band, “Open Road” for Sat., Nov. 21 Dance – (Done)
Minutes Approved – Rita moved to approve minutes, Norah seconded

5. Upcoming Events:
Mother Of a Dinner – Sat., May 30, 2020 St James Hall
Tickets go on sale online April 1 (for tables of 8 guests – single tickets released later)
Action Item: Phill to send email to interested volunteers for a planning committee meeting (Paul, Norah, Bob, Elaine, Joni)

AGM Sunday, June 14, 2020 McMartin House
At this time the GSP will be looking for a new Director(s). If anyone is considering this possibility, they should make their interest known to a Board member sooner rather than later.
Action Item: Phill to contact McMartin House and book date for AGM
Action Item: Phill to email Nancy Maynard and inform her of AGM date (Done)

Perth Rotary Ribfest (July 24 – 26) Paul did a presentation to Perth Rotary and they donated $5000 to GSP. This is based on our commitment to help supplying volunteers to Ribfest in July.
Volunteers encouraged to sign up, Paul will let us know when online sign-up is active. Simply look up Perth Ribfest, go to Volunteer sign-up and click on button to volunteer for 2 hour shift(s) of your choice.

*Tom made a plea for Perth group to come up with some new presentation materials. Our current material is old and degrading.
Action Item: Elaine volunteered to look at making some materials

Stewart Park Festival July 17 – 19, Perth. Once again the GSP will have a booth with volunteers to provide info on our work. A volunteer sign-up will be circulated later.

Maplefest April 25 – Coutts Coffee will set up a booth in front of the cafe, Al is asking for any volunteers who would like to help to take a shift.

Ottawa News:
– next volunteer meeting in Ottawa: Mon., March 23, 6 p.m. at LaCabana restaurant (Merivale Rd.)

– working group has met to look at website and work with Algonquin College students to update site and add material (to go live in April)

-Anabelle Salas and Ken Sparks have been making presentations through the Bytown Rotary Club and are seeking to achieve some fund matching through he Rotary which could multiply GSP funds.

– Paul Hauraney spoke to Pinkerton Academy in Northeast US. They will skype with GSP volunteers with a focus on micro-loans and there should be monetary donation from this.

6. Past Events
Stove Building Workshop Jan. 5, 2020
-feedback was that workshop was useful and created some familiarity with process of stove building

-contract between Algonquin College Media students and GSP to work together to improve website. GSP volunteers will be asked in an upcoming email from Janet to supply new written material for website.

2020 Volunteer trip
21 volunteers-Elaine gave feedback that stove building segment was excellent and Rob added that with its various elements the trip was “very varied”. Also, feedback from volunteers that this years’ community of recipients seemed better off than last year’s community (more animals, nicer homes, good water supply, easier access to roads).

Tom explained how this year 3 Mayan people were identified as needing emergency medical help. That help was provided by the GSP and in 2 cases is ongoing.

Paul reminded us of presentations completed in 2019:
St. Paul, St. James, Civitan Hall dance – Perth
Fall Fundraiser – Ottawa

Total stoves built by GSP to date: 7118 family stoves
The GSP recently built 9 larger sized school stoves. This new initiative is more costly ($500 CAN as opposed to $300 CAN for regular family stove), but they can feed 100 – 200 students, so they have a large impact.

Next Meeting: Monday, April 20, 2020

Sue M. made a motion to adjourn and Norah seconded. Meeting adjourned.

*Bob Klatt wanted everyone to know that a big supporter of the GSP, Bethel United Church on Rideau Ferry Rd. is having a Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, April 4 starting a 8:30 am.

Present: Elaine Scott, Bob Klatt, Catherine Smith, Malcolm McNaughton, Mackenzie McNaughton, Ethan Wright, Bill Avery, Jeanette Avery, Rita Redner, Norah Hall, Terri Henderson, Rob Bowyer, Tom Clarke, Phill Brackenbury, Paul Hauraney (Chair), Tammy Morrison (Secretary)

Meeting Called to Order:  06:30pm

Additions to Agenda
Mother of a Dinner
Dance date, 2020
Phill Brackenbury
Pinkerton Academy, Derry, New Hampshire

Welcome to all in attendance
Minutes from October 28, 2019 meeting approved by Norah, seconded by Terri

Action Items from October 28 meeting
Bob will check date with Bethel United Church – Tom leaves Jan. 15th – so hopeful Jan.12?
Jeanette left messages with Balderson United – no response
New action items are in RED

Upcoming events

Stove Building Workshop Sunday, Jan.5 at 10 a.m. at Tom’s workshop/pot-luck to follow
Tom emphasized how important it is to attend this workshop, especially for new volunteers.
Algonquin College School of Media Design are revitalizing the GSP website by updating it and making it more user friendly.  Terri, Rita, Liz, Janet, Pierre met last week to discuss improvements.  This is a 2 yr. project with Algonquin College.

2020 Guatemala excursion takes place Feb. 1 – Feb. 15, 2020.     21 volunteers are committed.
Tom asks anyone with flight delay to inform Jorge at La Merced to let him know. Phill will supply everyone with Jorge’s number.
Tom reminded everyone to pay for their stay at La Merced before leaving.  It is best to pay in American $ …  approx. 28.00 US.
Tom will send everyone his cell phone # – he will be in Guatemala 2 wks early.
Norah reminded everyone there is a buzzer to get into La Merced.
It was advised to get your Quetzals in Guatemala.
Tom recommended new volunteers go on the GSP website and watch the 2001, 22min. video about building stoves in Guat.

Past Events

Sunday, Nov. 3 presentation at St. Paul’s Church by Terri, Tammy, Tom, Bill – approx. $300. received that day with other cheques sent later.
Friday, Nov. 8  Ottawa Event raised $18,120 – stove challenge, silent auction, taco bar,Mariachi band – best fundraiser ever!!
Friday, Nov. 15 – Perth Fall Fundraiser dance/silent auction raised $4,000
Sunday, Nov.17 – St. James Church presentation by Tom and Paul

Mother of a Dinner – Taste of Perth
Phill was not prepared to go into great detail regarding the event at this time, but the main idea is to have different chefs each prepare a course.
Jordan has agreed to do the main course.
We still require someone for an appetizer, and dessert
– possibly The Perth Pie Company for dessert??
-Phill has asked Reagan – no response
– Phill may approach Nick from the Stone Cellar
It is a great event with 180 people in attendance every year.

Fall fundraiser
Norah will book Open Road for our Fall Fundraiser on Saturday, Nov.21, 2020

Pinkerton Academy
Becky Hopkinson, teacher in Kerry, New Hampshire contacted GSP through f/b
Paul H. spoke with 2 classes (15-17 yr. olds) … he answered typical questions about what we do, what it’s like in Guat. etc.
Paul sent them brochures and a calendar, and was to speak to 2 more classes next week.

Phill Brackenbury
After being a Director for 6 years, Phill will be stepping down at the AGM in June.
Phill has been an amazingly dedicated and hard working member of the GSP executive.
There will be an opening on the executive, and it was stressed you only have to make a 1 year commitment.
The other 2 executive members, Janet and Erika will be staying on.

Next Meeting Dates: Jan.5 stove-building workshop/pot-luck/meeting re: volunteer trip
Monday March 9, 6:30 pm at Coutts Coffee

Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm
Thanks to all in attendance.

Those in attendance: Phill Brackenbury-Chair, Paul Hauraney-Secretary, Terri Henderson, Tom Clarke, Holly Blair, Bob Klatt, Bill Avery, Jeanette Avery, Elaine Scott, Malcolm McNaughton, Norah Hall, Janet Allan, Al Teflissi, Rob Bowyer
Regrets: Rita Redner, Tammy Morrisson
Meeting called to order at 06:34pm.
Action items- person responsible name in red.

General welcome to all in attendance.

Last meeting minutes from September 11th reviewed for action items.
Terri organized a presentation at St Pauls United for Nov 3.
Bob is to double check at Bethel Church for a presentation date, suggested Jan 12.
Paul to check back with St James for a fall presentation, so far St James has not committed to a date.
Bill has not been able to get a date for a presentation at Sharbot Lake.
Jeanette is going to check with Balderson United for a presentation.
Janet spoke about Algonquin College Child and Youth Care Program who have adopted our project to work with for the next three years. Liz and Janet presented to an enthusiastic group of forty students who have held two fundraisers to date.

Norah moved to accept minutes as presented, seconded by Jeanette.

Upcoming Events:
Nov 3- Terri to present at St Pauls United in Perth, 2.5 minutes to speak during the service then our table will be set up downstairs in the main hall after the service. Three other groups will be presenting.
Terri will use a shortened slide show during the service and full-length version after the service downstairs.
Tom and Bill will help, Terri will check if Tammy can also help.

Friday Nov 8 from 07:00-11:00pm – Janet spoke about the Ottawa group’s main fundraiser to be held at Riverside Churches, 3191 Riverside Drive, Ottawa.
The event will feature live music by Los Paisanos, Appetizers and drinks, and a silent auction.
Tickets are $50.00 each with a $25.00 tax receipt being given to people purchasing tickets.

Friday Nov 15 from 07:00- approx 11:00pm Perth Fall Fundraiser to be held at Perth Civitan. This event will feature music by Open Road, a silent auction, chip and salsa munchies and a light lunch served later evening. Tickets are $20.00 each
Phill advised there was an add in the Humm and also on their social media site.
Volunteers are asked to share the post Tammy has made.
Paul has arranged for the light lunch with Metro, Barnabes, Foodsmiths, Mex and Co, and Sunflower Bakery.
Phill will do a cheese platter
Holly will prepare some additional sandwiches
Rob will supply some pickles
Al will supply coffee
Terri will check to see if Marcia and Irwin are available to help with silent auction.
Terri distributed tickets to be sold by volunteers.
Paul distributed posters to be posted by volunteers in appropriate public places.

Past Events:
None to report

Other Items:
Stove Building Workshop proposed for Jan 5 at Toms workshop.
Terri advised she should have the new stove design ready on hard copy at this time.

Janet spoke about Algonquin College Media Design program who have signed a contract with the GSP to revitalize our website. They will be looking for writers to write about pictures posted on the new website.

2020 Guatemala excursion to take place Feb1-15.
Phill asked the group who might be seriously considering travelling with the group in 2020.
It is looking like there will be a good number of people for the 2020 excursion.
Tom opened to field questions concerning the any aspects of the trip.

Next Perth Meeting: Monday December 9 at 6:30 pm, Coutts Coffee
Meeting adjourned at 07:38, moved by Phill, seconded by Terri.
Thanks to all in attendance.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Coutts Coffee Shop, Perth

Present: Marcia and Irwin, Elaine Scott, Erika Johner, Norah Hall, Sue Maynard, Paul Hauraney, Al Teflissi, Rita Redner, Bob Klatt, Liz Ballantyne-Jackson, Janet Allan, Terri Henderson, Tom Clarke, John Brackenbury, Phill Brackenbury

  1. Welcome and introduction of new members: Elaine Scot, John Brackenbury

Chair: Rita Redner

Secretary: Phill Brackenbury

  1. Review agenda:

Action items (in red) to be carried out:

Bill and Jeannette Avery to enquire about presenting at Sharbot Lake Church (Tom to send email to Bill and Jeanette to remind them of this)

Terri Henderson to enquire about same at St. Paul’s UC

Paul Hauraney to enquire same at St. James

Bob Klatt to enquire same at Bethel UC

Minutes of June 3/19 approved by Paul and seconded by Sue

  1. Ottawa Report

Two upcoming presentations by GSP to Community Youth Worker classes at Algonquin College as the first step in a 3 year joint project

Algonquin students will assess our project’s needs and will help with social media and develop a fundraising event

Liz would like to use volunteer photos/ stories to help update our webpage and tell our project’s story.

Volunteers are asked to choose a favourite story/ picture and send to Liz so they can be made available to Algonquin students who will be updating our website/social media – looking for all aspects of the project: disaster relief, medical aid, social issues, bursaries, microloans, stoves and carbon reduction. Please send this to Liz by Wed., September 25

Janet highlighted a book (Drawdown ed. Paul Hawken www.drawdown.org ) that outlines some key efforts the world can do to reduce carbon- stove building and educating girls are on this list.   

  1. Upcoming Events:

Ottawa Fundraiser  Fri., Nov. 8  7-11 pm Riverside Churches, Ottawa (similar to past November fundraisers)

Fisher Park Craft Sale Dec. 7 9am – 3 pm

Perth Dance Fri., Nov. 15 7pm

– Paul to confirm band “Lucky B’s”

– planning meeting Sunday, Sept. 22 12:30 at Norah’s house (28 Cockburn St.)

Possible spring concert with Mia Kelly– Tom to contact her to see if she’s available in the spring.

  1. Discussion about potential for new chef for 2020 Mother of A Dinner. Regan Lee said he could but has not responded to requests for further discussion

Terri to ask Juliana Graf (ex Fieldhouse)

Phill to discuss this possibility with Judy Dempsey, Jordan Kenney

  1. Discussion of 2020 Exposure Trip – interest expressed by approximately 12 people to date
  2.  Request from Tom for name of donor of 10 stoves from last MOD so a special thank you can be sent.
  3. Next Meeting October 28, 6:30 pm Coutts Coffee Perth

Rita motioned to adjourn the meeting, Sue seconded – meeting adjourned

In Attendance;

Al, Norah, Phill, Tom, Rita, Janet, Jeanette
Chair- Bill,  Secretary-Paul
Regrets, Joni
Meeting to order at 06:35pm.
Action items, person responsible highlighted in red.

Apr. 8 minutes reviewed.
Janet to ask Ishim again for new stove measurements which she will send to Terri. Tom to be copied on email.
Bill A to look into arranging a presentation in Sharbot Lk which could possibly be a multi denominational church event.
Minutes accepted as read, moved by Phill, seconded by Rita.

Upcoming events:

Leads for presentations,
Bill A. for Sharbot Lk as mentioned in last minutes.
Jeanette A. to investigate possibility of a presentation at Balderson United.
AGM, Sunday, June 9, 01:00pm at McMartin House, 125 Gore St E.,   Perth.
Pot Luck supper to be held at Norah’s house, 28 Cockburn St., Perth after the AGM.
Phill to contact Lake 88 to ask them to advertise the AGM as a public service announcement.
Rita to put add in Inside Ottawa Valley for AGM.

Stewart Park Music Festival – Paul has paid participant fees, and all is in order for GSP to partake with a booth space.
Paul will circulate an email for volunteers to sign up to help at booth, best to have two people at every shift.
Cash box to be dropped off at Phill’s house by last shift and picked up at Phill’s house by starting shift each day.
All other materials can be zipped under tent and left overnight as there will be overnight security on site.
Blue Skies Music Festival Aug 2, 3, 4, 5 with returns to Smiths Falls Beer store on Aug 6
Tom to ask Regan for the loan of his trailer.
Tom asked for volunteers to help with collection, he mentioned no tickets are required for Monday.
Paul will help with returns Tuesday Aug 6
Bill to help Monday
Bill and Jeanette to help Saturday
Phill will be at the event and able to help
Everyone in attendance: Tom asked that people gather liquor boxes with inserts, 60-80 boxes required. Please message Tom with information on what you can gather.
Tom is to call SF beer store to pick up beer bottle boxes and make an appointment to bring back returns on Tuesday Aug 6.

Ottawa News
Saturday June 8 is the Centerpoint Garage Sale from 08:00-01:00pm, Liz and Janet have a table to raise funds for GSP, located outside of 38 Hyde Park Way, Nepean.
June 4 Liz and Janet are meeting with Mr. Omura who is with Algonquin College Media and Design program to discuss how the GSP might benefit from their involvement. Students may be able to work on our website and help with our media exposure.
Janet also updated us on information between GSP and Algonquin College Child and Youth Services program. The college may have students interested in taking part in our Guatemala exposure trip.
June 4 Janet and Liz are to meet people at Riverside United Church to check out this venue for the Ottawa Fall Fundraiser which will not be held at Otto and Anne Marie’s house this year.
The projected date is Fri, Nov. 8 and will feature music, appetizers and a silent auction with tickets for sale at $50.00.

May 22, Ken Sparks gave a Rotary presentation, as of June 5 Ken will have done 4 presentations with plans to do a total of 10 to different Ottawa Rotary groups with hope that each group will donate $300.00 to fund a stove and Rotary International will hopefully match that total amount.
Some discussion ensued about the local Ottawa Rotary funds being sent directly to GSP and not to Rotary Guatemala as we fear these funds may not reach their intended recipients. Tom expressed a desire to talk directly to Ken about this aspect.

May 28, Erika and Janet attended a CRA charity workshop from 01:30-04:00pm. They found it very informative.

Together Liz and Janet entered the data for 100 stoves built by AMMID.
End of Ottawa News

Tom spoke briefly about the Caravans of people moving from South and Central America with hopes of entering the USA and how the President of Mexico is speaking of financial assistance to these countries with hopes of the US participating as well. With sufficient aid these caravans of people could remain in their own countries and not put themselves and children at such tremendous risk.

Past Events,
May 4, Mother of a Dinner was a highly successful event raising $12,442.00.
The venue of St. James Church was great, food once again was excellent. People seemed to really enjoy themselves.
Discussion continued on whether or not this event can continue.
This event demands a tremendous number of hours of preparation and planning.
Phill will not head this event another year but is happy to help.
We will not ask Jordan to be our head chef again as she has already done two years of successful events at a great investment of time and money to herself.
In short, we will need someone to head the event and a head chef to captain the food preparation.
Paul will book St James Church hall and kitchen for May 2 or 9 with hopes we can pull it off again.
Tom is to ask Regan Lee if he might be interested in being our head chef and food captain.
Norah suggested, “A Taste of Perth” which would entail many restaurants in Perth involved, each donating a certain course of the meal.
Please feel free to make suggestions, the BOD will entertain any viable suggestions.

May 16, Tom advised that funds for 50 stoves were sent to AMMID in Commitancillo and 50 stoves were sent to CEDEC in Xela.

Janet advised that Julio is doing well after follow-up with proper nutrition to help him recover. GSP funded Julio’s medical care this past February including amputation, and post-surgical care.
Janet will request a further update from CEDEC and get back to us.

Paul will be the GSP representative to receive a cheque for $1000.00 from Empty Bowls at Foodsmiths Wed June 5 at 09:30. These funds are to be used for nutritional purposes.

Next regular GSP meeting is Wed Sept 11, 2019 at 06:30pm Coutts and Co coffee shop.
Meeting adjourned at 08:00 moved by Phill.

Perth GSP Meeting

April 8, 2019


 Al Teflissi, Norah Hall, Rita Redner, Livio Persi, Tom Clarke, Terri Henderson, Bill Avery, Phill Brackenbury, Joni Seligman, Jeanette Avery, Sue Maynard, Tammy Morrison (Secretary),

Paul Hauraney (Chair)

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Action Items:  ***

*** Janet Allen to forward new stove measurements to Terri. ***

 Terri approved the minutes from March 4, 2018 and Phill seconded it.

 Upcoming Events/Presentations:

*** Bill Avery is looking into organizing a presentation at the Sharbot Lake United Church ***

Mother of a Dinner – Saturday, May 4, 2019

  • the menu was sent as an attachment on Phil’s last email
  • James has a well-stocked kitchen – will need to rent a few items
  • Phill to go to high school to recruit more servers
  • Phill has requested a radio spot – waiting to hear back
  • Paul and David Hauraney, Joey & partner to do bar
  • (Phill to check if smart serve is needed to help at bar)
  • Rita stated there are 5 full tables left to be sold
  • possibly hang Guatemalan scarves on the walls as decoration in the hall
  • Al has agreed to look after the coffee station
  • Tom to set up information and scarf table

Volunteers still needed for MOD

Monday, April 22

1 person, Picnic Cafe (food prep.)

11:00 – 1:30 p.m.

Saturday, May 4

1 person required, St. James Hall

6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Silent Auction monitor

1 or 2 people to help out for an hour (could be diners who take turns)

A.G.M.  – Sunday, June 9 at 1 p.m.  @ McMartin House Perth

–     everyone is encouraged to attend

  • Norah has agreed to host pot-luck at her home after the event.

Stewart Park Festival July 19 – 21

  • *** Paul will circulate a volunteer sheet closer to the event ***
  • Paul has submitted the application and reserved our spot

Blue Skies Bottle Collection August 3,4,5 (Clarendon) August 6th (return bottles to Smiths Falls)

  • Tom received request for tickets
  • usually make approx. $1200.00 from this event
  • Monday is the most crucial day for collection
  • *** sign-up closer to the event will be circulated ***

Ottawa News

–     Bill and Jeanette Avery attended the Ottawa Meeting

  • Ottawa chapter is accepting donations to their Community Garage Sale held early June
  • Janet was very positive about the interaction with Algonquin College and the Community Service Learning Program

Past Events

– no events since last meeting

*** Note: Paul has generously offered to donate a bottle of Rum Zacapa to the silent auction ***

Next Perth GSP volunteer meeting Monday, June 3,  6:30 p.m. Coutts Coffee Shop

Motion to adjourn 7:25 pm moved by Sue, seconded by Phil

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