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Mother's Day Appeal

Dear GSP Supporters,

Spring has arrived and soon we will be in one the most hopeful of months – May. Unfortunately, this will be the second May of our shared Covid experience that we cannot hold our annual Mother of a Dinner fundraiser. As a volunteer at all 4 of the past events, I look back on the sights and sounds of people sharing the company of family and friends while enjoying an incredible meal. We celebrate Mothers at this event - our own mothers (love you Mom!), and Maya mothers who cook over open fires in homes often cobbled together of wood and tin. These strong, resilient women are the backbone of the family unit and their communities.

We are hearing of the great need in Guatemala. As you probably know, the Covid experience is even more difficult in the developing world than it is here. As in Canada, marginalized people around the world have suffered the most during this pandemic. Guatemala’s economy has been decimated, food is scarce for many and there are no plans for vaccinating the Maya.

Perth and Ottawa volunteers have developed an incredible connection with the Maya of the western highlands of Guatemala through working with the Guatemala Stove Project (GSP). With your help, the GSP has built over 7,200 efficient, clean masonry cookstoves, provided education to many young, rural Maya students and provided microloans and support to help many families to begin to break the cycle of poverty.

Although we cannot hold a get together as in the past, we can help those in great need with your help. We are asking those who have attended the Mother of a Dinner in the past to consider making a $25 donation this year (about what your contribution would have been from attending the dinner). You may want to work together with your table mates from the past and donate a masonry stove for a family ($325). Perhaps you can donate in the name of a special mom on Mother’s Day. With your help, we can make a life changing difference in the lives of many Maya moms and their families.

Happy Mother’s Day, Phill Brackenbury GSP volunteer

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