The Mother of a Dinner Saturday May 30 at St James Anglican Church

Mother of a Dinner
Saturday May 30, 2020
 St. James Anglican Church

Save the date, Perth’s best-kept secret for Mother’s Day! We invite you to share this delicious dinner with family and friends while also supporting the Guatemala Stove Project.

Local chef Jordan Kennie and her team at Picnic Catering are creating a Greek-themed dinner menu. There will be vegetarian and gluten-free options, as well as a silent auction featuring many Guatemalan handicrafts.

Full tables of 8 people are available for sale beginning on March 15th. Please designate a lead contact for your table for ease of table location the evening of the Mother of A Dinner (MOD), please submit your guest list after payment. A $30 tax receipt will be issued for every ticket purchased, mailing addresses are required for tax receipts.

Doors open at 6 pm, dinner is served at 7:15 pm. St. James Anglican Church is located at Drummond and Harvey Streets in Perth, please enter the Good Sheppard Hall on Drummond St.

All proceeds from this Mother’s Day dinner will benefit Mayan mothers and their families through the building of improved cooking stoves. Hundreds of thousands of indigenous Maya in Guatemala continue to cook indoors over wood burning fires. The smoke created from these cooking fires is toxic and contributes to a wide range of chronic illnesses and health impacts such as; early childhood pneumonia, emphysema, lung cancer, bronchitis, cardiovascular disease and low birth weight.

The Guatemala Stove Project (GSP) helps alleviate these problems by building improved masonry cookstoves that are adapted to Mayan cooking methods. A GSP stove uses 50% less wood than the traditional 3-stone fire, thereby saving precious trees and reducing carbon emissions. The larger cooking surface allows for a wider variety of foods to be prepared and water can be boiled and used for washing and drinking.

The crowning glory of this kitchen appliance is the stove pipe that takes the toxic smoke out of the kitchen and vents it to the outside.  It is an ‘improved cooking stove’ and while most of us would find it rudimentary, Mayan women much prefer it to cooking on the floor over an open fire. To date 7,000 stoves have been funded and built by the Guatemala Stove Project.

For more information call Rita 613 264-6044.