Minutes Perth May 26, 2017

GSP Perth Minutes May 26, 2017

Attendees: Tom Clarke, Rita Redner, Tom Spence, Norah Hall, Wayne James, Janet Allan, Erika Johner, Al Teflissi                                                                                                                         Regrets: Paul Hauraney, Sue Maynard, Marcia & Irwin Pencer, Tammy Morrison, Joni Seligman, Phill Brackenbury, Terri Henderson, Anita Payne.

Chair: Janet Allan                                                                                                                       Secretary: Rita

Minutes from the March 3/17 meeting were approved, moved by Tom S, Seconded by Tom C.

Three items were added to the agenda, the date for the upcoming church presentation in Brockville, the Perth Rotary presentation, and Ottawa group news items.

Upcoming events/ presentations:

May 29 – Perth Rotary presentation and lunch – Paul has prepared a short presentation for this event, Samuel Tom and will also attend.

June 3 – Centrepointe Community Garage sale at 38 Hyde Park 8 am-1pm to support Maya Girls Bursary Program.

June 11 – Annual General Meeting 1 pm McMartin House, 125 Gore St. E, Perth. Following the AGM Phill is hosting BYOB and snacks at his house.

June 13 – Documentary screening of “Living on a Dollar a Day” at Hintonburg Community Centre at 6:30pm in support of the Maya Girls Bursary Program.

June 18 – St. Lawrence Anglican Church Brockville presentation – Tom, Samuel

July 14 – 16 Stewart Park Festival, Perth – GSP has a booth, schedule is attached.

Action Item – Al will contact Bethel United Church about a presentation

Action Item – Rita will be in touch with Dave & Heidi about cashbox transfer at Stewart Park Festival.

August 5 – 8 Blue Skies Music Festival bottle collection. Wayne volunteered to meet in Smiths Falls on August 8

Action Item – Tom to make appointment with Smiths Falls Beer Store

The schedule still needs to be finalized.

Action Item – Rita will contact Jim and Nancy about the schedule

November 17 – Perth Fundraising Dance with “Under the Covers”

Past Events

April 29 – Festival of the Maples, good turnout, the new tent worked well (Paul is storing the tent)

May 1 – CFUW presentation, good exposure, GSP was well received, sold some scarves and received donation for 1 stove.

May 13 – Mother of a Dinner – very successful this year $11, 410 with minimal costs. Next year we are looking for a volunteer to co-ordinate/organize this event and a new chef!

Action Item – Terri to contact Fieldhouse (Juliana)

Ottawa News

May 15 – Ottawa group meeting

May 17 – Students at Notre Dame High School fundraised $5407 for Lenten pledges from their fellow students. These funds will build 14 stoves and fund 2 bursaries. The Chaplain made a display about the GSP in the front showcases at the school.

June 3 – Garage sale (See above)

June 13 – Screening of “Living on a Dollar a Day” (See above)

Next meeting: Monday, September 11, 6:30pm at Coutts Coffee, 57 Gore St E. Perth

Nora moved to adjourn the meeting, Al seconded.


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