Micro Finance

The Guatemala Stove Project works in partnership with the AMMID organization in Comitancillo, San Marcos Department to improve the lives of Maya-Mam families. Many indigenous men and women in Guatemala have the ability to start a small business but lack the small amount of capital needed. Micro-Loans provide opportunities for increased economic security to individuals and families. They help lift people out of poverty and have a proven positive track record.

To date we have sent funds for 49 micro-loans,  the first 15 loans averaging $120 / $130 were sent in the summer of  2011. These loans were paid back in 18 months – December 2012 with a 100% repayment rate – money has been lent out again.

In the fall of 2012 a subsequent sum of $3,500.00 was sent and distributed to 34 additional members who used their loans for the purchase of livestock for breeding and reselling. The loan period for these recipients is 18 months.  Previous payback has been 100% successful as the recipients are carefully chosen and supported in their efforts to become agricultural entrepreneurs. GSP volunteers visited Comitancillo in February 2013 to document and photograph stoves and visit micro-loans recipient families.

For example, a micro-loan of $100 (on average) allows the purchase of; livestock for breeding and reselling, supplies for weaving and sewing, school supplies for resale, food items for resale. All of our micro-loans have been paid back to date, so your donation will be used multiple times for other families.

Donations of any size are welcome!